Project Description

The first building dates back to 1524 and is a semicircular tower. Later the building was surrounded by a wall.

In 1529 during the battles between King Ferdinand and János I for the throne of Hungary, the fortress was occupied and destroyed by Petru Rares. Her walls were restored, but after a while they were destroyed in a fire.

In 1625 the fortress was rebuilt and the 81-meter deep pit in the courtyard of the city was also dug out at that time. The quadrilateral fortification with Italian bastions in the corners over which tower defense towers were built had a single entrance accessible through a mobile bridge.

In 1688 here a part of the Brasov people refuge themselves in front of the Habsburgs

In 1690 the imperial army settled in the fortress, and for many years they have oppressed the city

In 1773 Joseph II. ordered the restoration of the fortress, and after 9 years he offered the opportunity to the city to buy the fortress. The city didn’t buy it, so a period of time the fortress was a prison for Turkish and French people, and during the plague epidemic there was a section for those with the symptoms of the disease

In 1817 the fortress was visited by Empress Karolina, in 1848 was occupied by Bem’s armies, and in 1894 by the Tsar’s armies.

In the forties the city was restored, but for a while it was unused. Nowadays there is a restaurant with a terrace.